Dr. Stephen J. Blank

Area(s) of Expertise: Russia, Commonwealth of Independent States, Eastern Europe, Middle East, East Asia.

Dr. Stephen J. Blank is the Senior Research Fellow for Russia at the American Foreign Policy Council.   Dr. Blank spent the last 24 years, 1989-2013 as a Professor of National Security Studies at the Strategic Studies Institute of the US Army War College in Carlisle Barracks, PA. Dr. Blank’s expertise covers the entire Russian and post-Soviet region and has also written extensively on defense strategy, arms control, information warfare, energy issues, US foreign and defense policy, European, and Asian security.

He is currently writing a book on Russian policy in East Asia and is the author of over 900 publications, books, monographs, scholarly and  popular articles and has appeared frequently on television and radio and at professional conferences in the US, Europe, and Asia.


EA Articles:

New Thinking about the North Caucasus

Russian Gun-Running Comes to Light

The Serdyukov Affair and Its Wider Implications



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